Maximize Your Efficiency with Our Cost-Effective Packaging Solutions

Choosing the right packaging for your product application will reduce labor costs and minimize product waste/trim in slicing applications.

If standard packaging is not appropriate for your application, we will visit your facility and work with you to create a custom packaging solution.

Packaging Options Include:

  • Bulk (20#, 30#,40#, 55#)
  • 5# Loaf
  • Pump-able Cheese Sauces in Bulk Packaging
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Diced Cheese
  • Slicing BlockZ™ and Slicing TubeZ™
    (for high speed sandwich-making operations)
  • Hermetically Sealed Packaging

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What our clients are saying

John A. Seefeldt, Q/A Technical Services Supervisor - Ornua Ingredients Employee since 1990
2014-04-18, 16:21
Many of our customers came to us because of our ability to individually formulate products just for them. I have a great feeling of satisfaction when I am able to formulate a new product that will solve a customer’s product issues on a consistent basis. We have assembled a great TEAM, and it’s the personal service and quick turnover that keep them happy. We at Ornua Ingredients are very proud of the many fine products we have out in the industry.
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